What do Fleas look like?

Fleas are normally 1 - 4mm long, brownish in colour, without wings but with powerful legs adapted for jumping. Female fleas can live up to two years, during which time they can lay up to 1000 eggs each.

Where do Fleas live?

Adult fleas live exclusively as parasites of warm-blooded animals. The females lay their eggs close to or on the infested animal. Wall-to-wall carpeting and soft furnishings also provide a relatively undisturbed environment for fleas to develop. They can also live in cracks and crevices on bare floors.

What do Fleas eat?

Larvae feed on debris and adult flea droppings. Adult fleas feed solely on blood which is usually why they attach themselves to pets.

Pest Status

Disease transmission

Fleas are not thought to transmit any serious illnesses to humans.

Flea bites

Although not all people are affected by flea bites, they can cause severe irritation.

Flea Control Cardiff


Cleaning, particularly with a vacuum cleaner, will help prevent the build-up of infestation by removing eggs and larvae from floors, furniture and where pets sleep.

Treatment of pets

To achieve effective flea control, you MUST also treat pets with a product approved for veterinary use.


The standard treatment for infested premises in Cardiff and South Wales is applying a residual insecticide, either as a powder or a liquid spray. This should be applied by a
qualified pest control technician.

The insecticide is applied to all floor surfaces, and these areas must not be vacuumed or washed for at least 14 days after the treatment, or longer if possible.


New adult fleas may still be emerging from cocoons up to a month after treatment, there should still be sufficient insecticide to kill them off.

If your home has become infested with fleas, our technicians are on hand to perform flea removal services in Cardiff and all of South Wales; contact us today for further information.

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