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Bird netting services are one of the best methods you can use to control birds at your commercial business. Bird netting offers protection against all types of birds as long as the installation company has chosen the correct net and fitting techniques.

Netting will be a fantastic long-term solution to bird proofing if maintained over its lifespan. In addition, you can use bird netting to protect almost any surface, such as canopies, facades, rooftops and other building features. Therefore, if your business is under threat from birds by bulk fouling and roosting, netting services should be one of your primary candidates for protection.

What is bird netting?

Bird netting comes in all different shapes and sizes, and more often than not, it is made from high-quality material. Bird netting can also be colour matched to your building and fireproofed if it is required. Depending on the bird causing you problems, there will be a more suitable net for you to install. For example, pigeons require smaller holes so they can’t penetrate, and seagulls require a larger hole that is stronger for increased protection against the larger bird.

Our bird netting services are offered across the UK, and we can work with your company to provide expert solutions to deter pest birds and stop them from accessing a particular area. 

Is bird netting safe?

Yes, bird netting is extremely safe and effective when installed by a professional company like ourselves. We have all the relevant accreditations such as IPAF to complete our netting services safely and effectively.

However, if a cowboy installs the net, and if birds are left trapped inside the net, it is not safe. Any professional registered with the BPCA will help and understand how a poorly installed net can be dangerous to smaller birds. Falconry Services care about birds and only help obtain a gull licence if all our proofing measures have been unsuccessful.

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Please, contact us to discuss our expert bird netting services. We can provide a free no-obligation quote, and our experienced team can tell you if bird netting or another bird proofing measure would be more effective for your property.

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