Bird wire systems prevent birds perching on their desired areas

Bird wire is a fantastic bird proofing and control measure offered by Falconry Services. Also known as anti-perching systems, we have the capabilities to install these across the UK to help protect our customers from the threat and risks caused by birds.

Bird wire is installed onto ledges and window sills and is often a preferred solution for our customers due to how discreet it looks. Wire solutions have been known to last if maintenance is performed and the posts are tightened, resulting in them being a cost-effective bird proofing solution. Therefore, if you’re business under threat from seagulls, pigeons or any other birds, the wire might just be the perfect solution to protect your building.

What is bird wire?

Bird wire systems are made from spring tensioned stainless steel wire attached to posts at the edge of the ledge or window sill; these posts are securely fixed to avoid them becoming loose. 

Although windows and ledges are the preferred locations for these systems, we can use alternative posts to allow the wire to be used in more places across building facilities. 

Is bird wire safe?

Yes, bird wire is an extremely safe and humane product to use to control birds. However, laws are changing fast when it comes to obtaining a gull licence, so we must have a range of services available to help combat the health and safety threat birds cause.

Nationwide installation experts 🇬🇧

Falconry Services have one of the most experienced bird control teams within the UK and we have helped many organisations and pest control companies with bird wire services. Please contact us for more information on bird wire and to arrange for a free site survey. During this survey, we’ll be able to tell you if bird wire will be the most effective solutions, as there may be another bird proofing option we recommend.

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