Bird Alert, cutting edge IOT bird control technology

We can all agree that birds are beautiful. However, we bet that you never thought you’d be searching for bird control services due to the damage they cause. Their appetite, guano and noise can cause financial loss to your business, meaning moving them on from your property in a legally compliment way is essential.

Bird Alert is a new bird scaring device that is taking the bird control market by storm. Traditional bird scaring methods have become outdated and usually stop working due to habituation. 

Bird Alert has been designed and developed to meet this exact challenge. When placed on a problem site, it will listen 24/7 for pest birds to enter its radius, and once they have, it will activate using one of its five optional scaring devices. However, because it only activates when it hears birds rather than the traditional timer, birds can’t habituate to it.

How does Bird Alert work?

  1. The birds close in on the area with their characteristic calls, which are their unique acoustic fingerprints.

  2. Bird Alert identifies the bird species before they land. Then, through built-in distress calls, it makes them avoid the area. 

  3. Bird Alert analyses if the sought out effect is achieved, and if not, Bird Alert reactivates.

Where can you use Bird Alert?

Bird Alert is developed to detect and scare geese, rooks, gulls and starlings, but experience shows that it can identify other bird species such as crows and jackdaws. This combination of bird species has resulted in various situations where you can use it. For instance:

  • Airports
  • Recycling plants
  • Refuse tips
  • Farms
  • Vehicle dealerships
  • Corporate buildings
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals

Input options


Utilises the unique audio library of the box to scare away birds with their distress calls. The speakers can be set and play up to 120 dB. The built-in algorithm ensures that BirdAlert doesn’t play the same sounds continuously but varies the sound to avoid habituation.

Gas cannon

Bird Alert also works with different gas cannons and can control when activated to avoid habituation.

Kite controller

Hawk kites can be mounted in a kite controller that automatically raises and lowers when noise is detected. The kit controller ensures that the birds don’t adapt to the hawk kite, which often happens.

Eagle eye

Eagle Eye reflects the ray of the sun in a varied pattern to harmlessly deter birds from unwanted areas. The reflective surface sends beams around in a menacing pattern.


Suitable for low noise areas where traditional bird scarring creates an unacceptable disturbance. The scareman has instant inflation for the maximum scare.

If you’d like to learn more about the product and if it is suitable for your environment, please contact us or visit our bird proofing page to learn more about the different options we have available.

Bird Alert