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Bird spikes services are known across the pest control industry as a reliable and effective bird control method as they have been developed with the sole aim to stop pest birds from perching on their desired area. Bird laws are changing exponentially, so using humane control methods like bird spikes are crucial before you look at obtaining a gull licence.

Birds such as seagulls and pigeons will happily perch on roofs and ledges, and if left untreated, can start to cause financial damage to your building and reputation. In addition, these birds cause significant health and safety risks for humans as their guano contains diseases and can be a slipping hazard.

What are bird spikes?

Bird spikes do what they say on the tin; they have upwards pointing ‘spikes’ that deter a bird from perching on the area they are placed.  They are designed for all types of birds, but your installation company will help choose the correct spike to deter the species causing your problems.

Bird spikes are available in various designs to match your building and help stop the pest bird species identified. For example, spikes come in plastic and metal designs; plastic is cheaper and can help match the environment they are placed in. However, metal tends to be much more durable and effective, making them our most popular and recommended choice.

Are bird spike services safe?

Yes, bird spikes services are effective and humane for all birds. Although they do cause some discomfort if birds try to land on them, birds quickly learn that the area is too uncomfortable to perch and will search for a new place to sit and rest.

Nationwide installation experts 🇬🇧

Falconry Services are available to offer nationwide bird spike services to your business. Our expert team of highly qualified bird proofing technicians can guarantee that we will install spikes to the highest quality. Contact us to learn more or discuss if spiking is the correct bird proofing measure for your business.

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