Electric bird repellent system

Avishock electric track has been used as a bird control method for many years; it’s extremely effective at deterring birds from their desired perching area. Furthermore, with the ability to attach it to almost any surface, you can be assured that pest birds will no longer cause you problems and disrupt your business.

How does Avishock Electric Track work?

Avishock electric track works in the same way as livestock electric fences do to manage farm animals such as pigs and cows. When birds land on their desired perching area, they will receive a small electric shock to their feet, moving them on from the building.

No matter which area of your building is affected by pest birds, we can easily install the track to stop them. Signs, windows, roofs and building edges can all be protected with this system, and even better, it’s completely maintenance-free. Furthermore, avishock is very discreet and available in multiple colours to match your architecture.

Is Avishock safe for birds?

Although Avishock electric track will gently shock the birds, it causes no damage. Birds such as pigeons and seagulls quickly learn that they can not land on the treated area and are forced to move to a different place.

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